• June 6, 2020
  • rellowplaques
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In the Big Tamarind Mutt of Savanuru town, there are 3 enormous tamarind trees. Here we can see that these trees are considered holy and are being worshiped. The tamarind fruit from these trees can be stored for up to 10-15 years! By eating this tamarind fruit daily, our immunity will increase. The leaves, roots and bark of this tree completely has great medicinal properties. The seed of this tamarind tree is used for curing cough, wheezing, hypertension and diabetes. The dimensions of the trees are as follows.
First tree – Circumference: 18.8 meters, Height: 7 meters.
Second tree – Circumference: 16.7 meters, Height: 18.7 meters.
Third tree – Circumference: 17.5 meters, Height: 12.63 meters.

These trees belong to the species of Baobab and were known to be found only in some parts of Africa. It is very Surprising that such rare trees are found in Savanur town in our Haveri district.

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