• June 6, 2020
  • rellowplaques
  • Ecology

Doddaladamara which is 28 km from Bangalore covers about 3 acres in area. With a history of nearly 400 years, this tree is the fourth ancient largest tree in India. With over 1೦೦೦ roots, this tree has a legendary history that surprised tourists. A piece of banyan tree was planted in the field which was used for agricultural purposes. This piece of Banyan tree which was used as main anchoring pillar at the centre of the field, sprouted & shook so wonderfully overnight that when the landlord heard of it, it was revealed to be the glory of God. People believe that Lord Muneshwara, who had come to his owner in a dream, told him about the Banyan Tree and told him that he would reside there. Since then, the local people have been preserved without cutting the tree by the worship of the God of Muneshwara, the stone as a command of God. The same tree grows today and is one of the wonders of Bangalore.

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