Guru Maadanth Gymnasium (locally called as Garadi Mane) is most famous for having a history of over 400 years.

It is said that this gymnasium was started by Guru Gopal Maadanth in the year 1680. Sri Gopal Maadanth belonged to Kanpur District of Uttarpradesh, who lived in Bengaluru for a notable period and started practicing Yoga, Meditation and wrestling at this place. According to one source Hyder Ali is said to have received training in this very Gymnasium. When Gopal Raj Aras and his army of the Mysore Dynasty was deployed here Hyder Ali, a soldier then is said to strengthened his muscles here.

Later this place was renovated twice. Guru Maadanth handed over the responsibility of this gymnasium to 10 young people and the tradition continued. It was yet again renovated in 1927.

This is the very place where Pailwan Galada Hanumantharayappa, Pailwan Khadak Singh and other legendary wrestlers trained. Even today one can see regular training happening at this place.

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